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The United Kingdom Group. For those who do not know us, we are a group based in the United Kingdom for
collectors of Irish Belleek porcelain. The pottery was founded in 1857 and producing wares today from Belleek village. Most prized and collected are early 'Black Mark' First Period pieces.

Cyril Arnold painted plate

Rare Belleek....Above, this interesting Third Black Mark Cyril Arnold Painted plate was sold on ebay by seller Antiqbrokr and below Earthenware Tea Pot Trivet First Black Period and also further below a selection of Beakers with various decoration finishes including Cork Exhibition 1903

Earthenware Tea Pot Trivet

Cork Exhibition 1903



Rare Belleek....above Rare Mask Vase First Black Mark our thanks to ebay seller decor-arts-llc


Rare Belleek....Above, this interesting Man and Puppies sold recently on ebay our thanks to seller decor-arts-llc for use of image

Rare Belleek....Above. Spotted during the summer, I suppose you could say we 'were all shook up' by this Elvis Presley Lattice Ashtray, which is a real rarity. Marked and made during the third green period, was this issued in 1977 when Elvis died, or was it a special later commission? The ashtray has never appeared before nor been mention in any publication. A real rarity.

2019 Gathering at Belleek

Our Last UK Group Meeting... Was our joint meeting with the Northern Ireland Group and International Collectors Society Gathering at Belleek to celebrate Fergus Cleary's career at Belleek. We had an amazing action packed weekend which started on Friday evening with a drinks reception followed by a buffet. During the evening a collectors sales table was present which was a very popular attraction. On Saturday we all visited Florencecourt House, returning to Belleek for soup and sandwiches. During the afternoon John Maguire welcomed us and brought us up to date with news from Belleek and to celebrate the contributin that Fergus has made to Belleek since he arrived in 1980. We then had a couple of presentations on Belleek and Robinson Cleaver and a look at Belleek Jugs. On Saturday night we all gathered for a buffet dinner and afterwards there was a slide show presentation, 'Fergus Cleary, this is your career'. We also witnessed a 'first'when we were joined by Evergreen Chapter members in Washington State who linked up via Skype for the evening. All too soon the celebrations were over but not before gifts were presented to Fergus to celebrate his 'retirement'. The Gathering ended with a lunch and entertainment at the Loch Erne Resort near to Eniskillen on Sunday. We were entertained by actors from the Irish American Folk Park near Omagh, who performed a comedy play. The tinkers asked Fergus to value a piece of 'extremely valuable' Belleek. You just knew that the vase they had brought along would end up on the floor in many pieces complete with 'Mammy's ashes' inside ! Below. Brendan McCauley fettling mug and further below with Johannah Purdon.

Brendan McCauley fettling a Belleek piece for gathering attendeees

Brendan McCauley with Johannah Purdon

Our Next UK Group Meeting...will be held in Greenwich London in March 2020. More details to follow.

Belleek Conventions from 1993 to 2013 To view images and news from each and every International convention please click on ' Convention Home Page' in main menu left

2013 The Last International Belleek Convention... The Eleventh International Convention was held in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel from 10 to 13th October. Below is a group photo of all attendees. The UK Group was well represented with members who made the journey to the States. The 2013 convention was arranged by members from several chapters. As usual, an exciting schedule of events was enjoyed by all the attendees. Please click HERE to visit our special 2013 Convention page. Since 2013 the Collectors Society have organised 'Gatherings'. The last was held at Belleek during October 2019 which was also a joint meeting of UK and Northern Ireland Groups too.

Newsletter...most recent newsletters can only be viewed through subscribing to the UK Group either as full or if overseas as an associate member. Please click on our Join Us page to find out more and use the paypal link further down this home page.. New issues to be added late January 2020

Rare Belleek Archive ... can be accessed left from menu options. These have been sub-divided into several areas and can be accessed using key headings, Crested, Painted, Tea Ware, Earthenware and Decorated.

Eugene Sheerin Gallery Hard to believe that it is now five years since the 100th centenary events at Trillick to mark the passing of perhaps the best Belleek painter, Eugene Sheerin. Please view our gallery with pieces devoted to his work. Below view of Ross Castle, Killarney, Second Black Mark

Eugene Sheerinn Scene Plate

Mix and Match Tea Ware Service...launched during 2015, Elaine Ewings, our co-ordinator says the service is going well, some sucessful matches this year putting members in touch to follow up. The aims of 'Mix and Match' is to unite collectors who may want to buy or swap tea ware pieces to match and complete sets. Use our 'Contact Us' link for more information....Below Ring Handle Garland Decorated Cup seeks saucer for lasting relationship!!

Belleek Videos..NEW. link to Belleek 160th Anniversary RTE 'Nationwide' programme HERE

We have recently discovered an interesting RTE programme which can be accessed by clicking the link above. Although this can be viewed in the UK, viewing from overseas may not be possible due to copyright or similar issues. Other items avaialable on our Videos page include a link to Jason Fowler's six videos of
his collection and an interesting link to a UTV programme called 'Lesser Spotted Ulster' which visits Belleek plus
a look at a museum in Geelong, Australia with what is billed as the largest collection of Belleek
in the southern Hemisphere..unless of course, you know differently!

Belleek Videos..'Hands' Belleek Pottery commissioned a special one hour video film in 1987. Although
copies occasionally appear for sale on E Bay or Amazon, they are not found easily. Fortunately, there is a
copy held 'on line' and is an excellent snapshot of how Belleek was produced back in the 80's. It is great
to see so many familiar faces including Jim Flanagan, Albert, Fergus Cleary, John Doogan, Liam McCauley,
Vincent McCauley and Hugh O'Reilly to name a few. The video was shot before George Moore purchased
the pottery and invested in rebuilding the works. The pottery was still virtually untouched and remained
that way through the 1980's. The film is well worth watching and lasts for an hour. Unfortunately
there are adverts that pop up during the film. Without the adverts, historic films such as 'Hands' would not
be available on the web.

Click here for 1980's Belleek Video 'Hands' this will probably start with an advert which you can skip if needed!

Hands video



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AND FINALLY.....'PIECE OF THE MONTH' Rare Greek Decoration to Earthenware Jug and Bowl First Black Period our thanks to ebay seller antiqbrokr for use of images




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